Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getcha Goin'

Creating a new post has been daunting. Seriously- We're almost mid-year and the last thing you'll see here is about NYE? My deepest apologies.
For those of you who read this (most likely a whopping 4 family members), you probably know me well enough to realize that as soon as things get too heavy, I bail. 
Quite literally- If I could train my body the way I've trained my brain to retract any incoming thought of all that's about to change in my life, I'd probably be modeling for blogs instead of writing one. 
But like most diets, I'm going to break that, because there's no way I can deal with this alone. 
So lets start off here: 

Last weekend, me and 20 other madmen headed off to JAX to show off a campaign we've been working on all year for the 2013 NSAC Competition. Having competed the year before, I knew this getaway is one of the greatest parts of this experience. 
But when our presenters set foot on stage and I watched our work come to life, I remembered how much more there is to it. 
Being surrounded by talent, passion, and drive that is so similar to my own, creates one of the most inspiring and motivating feelings I've had throughout my college career. 8 months ago, our client introduced itself as did my new team members. After spending countless hours (which turned into endless nights/long mornings) with both the research and Arrowhead, something deeper than a project made way. 
Our client's challenge turned into an opportunity, and these teammates turned into friends. Ones who's impact will be with me forever.
My NSAC competition team, is without question one of the biggest blessings I've had the pleasure to embrace here at FSU. Both "professionally"(whatever that means), and overall, I've learned and grown enough to look back and feel proud of myself. 

I found out I made the team right after I arrived from my travels abroad 2 summers ago. Despite being hands down depressed about saying goodbye to Europe, the best was yet to come. 
Of course, I didn't see it then. Here's hoping this scenario is reapplied. 
I'm headed to my last Thursday 2pm meeting with a bitter feeling- but I know becoming part of the Arrowhead Alum and family is one of the sweetest deals anyone could ask for. We made it till today (lol), now cheers to making all that's to come even more colorful!