Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getcha Goin'

Creating a new post has been daunting. Seriously- We're almost mid-year and the last thing you'll see here is about NYE? My deepest apologies.
For those of you who read this (most likely a whopping 4 family members), you probably know me well enough to realize that as soon as things get too heavy, I bail. 
Quite literally- If I could train my body the way I've trained my brain to retract any incoming thought of all that's about to change in my life, I'd probably be modeling for blogs instead of writing one. 
But like most diets, I'm going to break that, because there's no way I can deal with this alone. 
So lets start off here: 

Last weekend, me and 20 other madmen headed off to JAX to show off a campaign we've been working on all year for the 2013 NSAC Competition. Having competed the year before, I knew this getaway is one of the greatest parts of this experience. 
But when our presenters set foot on stage and I watched our work come to life, I remembered how much more there is to it. 
Being surrounded by talent, passion, and drive that is so similar to my own, creates one of the most inspiring and motivating feelings I've had throughout my college career. 8 months ago, our client introduced itself as did my new team members. After spending countless hours (which turned into endless nights/long mornings) with both the research and Arrowhead, something deeper than a project made way. 
Our client's challenge turned into an opportunity, and these teammates turned into friends. Ones who's impact will be with me forever.
My NSAC competition team, is without question one of the biggest blessings I've had the pleasure to embrace here at FSU. Both "professionally"(whatever that means), and overall, I've learned and grown enough to look back and feel proud of myself. 

I found out I made the team right after I arrived from my travels abroad 2 summers ago. Despite being hands down depressed about saying goodbye to Europe, the best was yet to come. 
Of course, I didn't see it then. Here's hoping this scenario is reapplied. 
I'm headed to my last Thursday 2pm meeting with a bitter feeling- but I know becoming part of the Arrowhead Alum and family is one of the sweetest deals anyone could ask for. We made it till today (lol), now cheers to making all that's to come even more colorful! 

Friday, January 11, 2013


I'll admit, I'm usually the sort of girl that, if you're hispanic, your grandmother would call "antojada". Translation? Well, I can't quite pin point what it means, but essentially I always have a new idea or something up my sleeve. Sounds great right? Except most ideas either fall through or are just a little too bizarre for other's to grasp.
When the year began, a friend recommended I watch "The Secret". It's also a book, but I'd prefer to hide away in my room to watch a "self-help" DVD, rather than flaunt my insecurities around the neighborhood while reading.
So you see I was a little hesitant. I know I'm "antojada", but thankfully it doesn't go beyond "let's go here, let's go there" versus a new philosophy every other day.
In a moment of desperation, I finally gave in, which ultimately resulted in it giving way more back to me.
I'm not saying this was an encounter that completely changed my life, but don't the little changes add up in the long run? Aren't those the most permanent anyways?

Here are 3 things  I'm working on thanks to whoever decided to blab this so called "secret":

1. Thanksgiving
Every morning I wake up and think about the things that make me happy and the things I'm grateful for.
Family, friends, the opportunities I have, my passport, the blogs with the really inspiring wardrobe, my café-con-leche etc. etc.
Whether it's the universe's "secret" or not, I truly believe a smile is contagious. If I'm reminded of all the great things I have going, 4sure I'll be showing off the pearly whites. Hopefully, that will make someone else's day, and so on. And if I'm able to do that, then the most important job of the day is done.

2. Great Expectations
In high school, I made a vow to never expect anything. This stemmed from this one party I was convinced would be featured on the news, and turned out to be an utter catastrophe of disappointment. Alright, it wasn't that bad, but I had a much better experience not expecting something and it turning out to be a wonderful surprise. But question... is wishful thinking all that bad? I mean, in a way, it almost serves as a silent motivator. According to "the universe", going through the motions and emotions of achieving what you most desire can make those wishes come true. Regardless, the little time I've been practicing this sort of mentality, I've had a great time day dreaming I'm brushing my teeth with the amazing view of the empire behind me. Or walking into my dream agency with a pair of my dream shoes. These thoughts make me feel empowered and fulfilled. A feeling I now have no other choice but to conquer.


After the most amazing Holiday in Miami, I was hands down depressed thinking about returning back to Tally. When I was on the road, I was bummed that I was driving towards my final semester at Florida State. It was a full circle, or should I say, a deep hole of negativity. Personally, when I'm in a funk, I get as funk-y as they come. I would prefer to fully bathe in the dirt, and then wash it all off at once instead of just washing my hands clean the moment things feel filthy. (strange analogy)
But why? If I can spend as little time singing woe is me, I can actually do me and do something good. So that's when you go back to Step 1 and think about all the things that are right. Think about your favorite song. You know the saying "save it for a rainy day". Well hello. It's not save it for the day there's a torential downpour. Open up the scrapbook you have of happy memories instead of wallowing. Easier said then done, and it definitely doesn't come naturally. But trying it has really helped me and I can see how this might be a mentality that'll stick and benefit me. It's also helped to focus on all things positive. Instead of "I don't want to be sad" think, " I want to be happy". "I'm going to the gym so I'm not fat" is way better received as "I'm going to the gym so I'm skinny" (or "healthy"...but let's get real.)

Well, I didn't think I'd post today, let alone write my own novel.
All in all- Have a pretty day!