Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh my Lanta [Atlanta]

The mornings I had time for anything else but mischievously hitting snooze for a [whopping] 3 minutes are a foreign idea to me.
And like all foreign things,  I love [and miss] [and long] and, pretty much wish for them every day.
Still, I'm proud of every minute being occupied with something- especially seeing how hard work pays off.

One of the many +'s of being the prez of ad club means I'm responsible for our spring trip. I thought our mini-getaway would be remembered as blur, but the good 'ol GA had other plans for me.

Welcome to Atlanta 

We made 4 agency visits, toured a portfolio school, dined like the White Stripes, performed our lungs out, survived a bomb threat, etc. etc.
 Let me tell you, I was smitten with the city's charm. Downtown reminded me of many other cities, until I discovered just how quaint and blossoming it all was

My favorite part -besides the food- was getting to know everyone! I guess you can say the whole trip was a "huge learning experience". (Thank goodness I delivered on the academic quota)  I learned the similarities and differences you have with a stranger are the exact combination needed for a friendship. I learned jumping into the industry is actually scarier than jumping out of a plane- but in regards to that, the view along the way may be a better experience than reaching your destination.
As usual, I'll end it with that cheesy thought (:

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