Monday, March 5, 2012

Mirror Mirror

This blog has somewhat become my magic mirror. You can easily tune in and see what's been going on in my life. If the pictures aren't revealing a clear enough image, then the tone I use can be taken in for context clues. 
When you're left with neither, it means I'm in a foggier place than you think. 
This past semester several doors were opened for me. I couldn't of been happier for the invitation inside. But it's pretty difficult being in more than one place at once! All that plus school...- well it's not meant to be used as an excuse, but in the least maybe buy me some leeway time and explain why I've been a runaway?!
Still, while all those extra things I'm doing are for myself and my career, this blog is one selfish thing I can also share- So I don't want to ever leave it behind.. 
My professor made a recommendation to find someway to stand out. To create something that is either so practical that it's slipped everyone's mind, or so unique to you that no one else can cop. I'm taking this vacation to discover what that is.. and hopefully in the process rediscover myself too

But I promise, that even when days are cloudy, I'll still take a look in the mirror to remind me about who's looking back (:

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