Monday, February 6, 2012

Here We Go ...

I love to eat and I love advertising. This weekend I almost overdosed on both. Pretty sure the Giants took home the win, but I could easily argue my super bowl of guacamole was the better prize. 

New Leaf Black Bean Bgr
BBQ Natural Chips 
Vegetable Stir Fry and Baked Tofu
Nostalgic Apple Juice 
Homemade Guac alla Grizzly 

I had mixed feelings about the #brandbowl.  It was nice to see the tributes many tv spots focused on this year (VW, Bud, Pepsi Max, etc), but it also felt a tad unoriginal. Regardless, I still laughed and was happily entertained. Here's the new Bud light ad/campaign-
Whether I'm in love with the pup or the agency who created this spot is irrelevant- It's still cute as hell.

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