Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tale as old as time

When we were little, we were all told we're princesses by someone..especially Disney. They had an assortment of pretty girls that I know at least I looked up to. Then the older we got, the more we heard about fairytales not being quite so true. Prince Charming was sure a myth, and each of the princesses we admired would lose credibility, because nothing was really that easy...
Well hold on a minute. What was so easy about a girl being called a straight up wierdo by an entire town who would even mess with her family? Or having some juice head throw himself at you, who apparently was a "catch",  when you're secretly attracted to a hairy tempered creature who's inanimate objects have more personality than some people I know? Alright, that last one is probably a little crazy- but regardless, Belle's crown wasn't all that sparkly at first. 
Yesterday me and my princesses went to go watch Beauty and the Beast 3D. Like anything from my childhood, seeing it again made me happier than I can say. I couldn't believe how easy Disney could restore the magic I felt when I was younger! Beauty and the Beast is about finding something worth while in the most unlikely places. Sometimes it isn't so simple, but if you yourself stay true to everything you do, at least you know there's a little beauty left in you, right? I hope after seeing this in 3D, people realize there's nothing wrong with being a princess at 20 (:

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