Monday, January 16, 2012

It's a tie

I keep finding more and more ways to back up the fact that I'm a living oxymoron. There's the organized mess theory which best describes my OCD/scatter brain. Then there's the debate on whether I'm a child or an old soul- I ultimately realized to stay true to both.
I've even been described as a sunny vampire which that in itself is pretty odd. 
Yesterday was a wonderful ending to the weekend. It was perfectly balanced. 
The natural and the glamourous. 

Natural >  I can't get over Markets. Is it the smell or the colors? It's probably the tastes, actually. Regardless, I left New Leaf feeling like little red riding hood with my paper bags filled of deliciousnesses. 

Glamorous >  After red riding hood gobbled down that mushroomnini (a much funner way to say panini with mushrooms), she made her way to the red carpet. I solemnly swear to attend one of these events in my lifetime. Everyone sparkled at the globes last night.. even if they're just the "Kim Kardashion to Kate Middleton" of award shows. My friends and I, the real golden girls, had delightful desserts, appetizers, wines of all kinds, champagne, and our very own Golden Globe- golden balloons.  

To put an end to this oh so fabulous event, we actually traveled the globe. (Sadly, I mean by hitting the not so glamourous around-the-world-drink-stations at AJ's sports bar... but hey, a girl can dream right?) One would think my preference is obvious: Natural<Glamourous.. but I promise my late-night organic hummus snack really evened out the score. 

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