Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This week so far has been a big exclamation mark
Hearing my alarm ring so early = ! 
Running- after God know's how long = ! 
Pretty Little Liars (or so I've heard) = ! 

"Great show this year"- Kevin Gnappor
At first, I thought my media environment class was going to be a little 

and then I read the first article assigned.
then the next, then heard the lecture, read the book, and the only way to best explain what I've learned in 2 classes is by saying -> !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm not an environmental activist or anything- nor am I ignorant, but it's just not a topic I ever felt close to.  Or at least it wasn't.. 

I'm pretty excited to see what else shocks me in this class (and about myself really) 

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