Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cheap, black, and high. I fell in love.
Obviously, it was no good for me.

I knew he was too small from the beginning! 

He made me cry and I was in pain even when he wasn't around
But what about loving unconditional?
I hit rock bottom yesterday when things got way too comfortable

But today's a new day. I've had time to heal and I think I'm ready to move on. 
We'll stay friends, of course--Maybe even have a weekend affair here and there.. 
I'm only human ya know?  

Monday, January 23, 2012

I heart NY

The more I visit, the harder it is to leave. The more I fall in love with the buildings, people, food, and culture of New York City. Sprinkle a little magic, which in this case were my girls + snow, and you've 
got another out of this world trip
Feeling heart broken after leaving is just a constant motivator. 
Don't you worry NYC, I'll see ya soon (: 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tale as old as time

When we were little, we were all told we're princesses by someone..especially Disney. They had an assortment of pretty girls that I know at least I looked up to. Then the older we got, the more we heard about fairytales not being quite so true. Prince Charming was sure a myth, and each of the princesses we admired would lose credibility, because nothing was really that easy...
Well hold on a minute. What was so easy about a girl being called a straight up wierdo by an entire town who would even mess with her family? Or having some juice head throw himself at you, who apparently was a "catch",  when you're secretly attracted to a hairy tempered creature who's inanimate objects have more personality than some people I know? Alright, that last one is probably a little crazy- but regardless, Belle's crown wasn't all that sparkly at first. 
Yesterday me and my princesses went to go watch Beauty and the Beast 3D. Like anything from my childhood, seeing it again made me happier than I can say. I couldn't believe how easy Disney could restore the magic I felt when I was younger! Beauty and the Beast is about finding something worth while in the most unlikely places. Sometimes it isn't so simple, but if you yourself stay true to everything you do, at least you know there's a little beauty left in you, right? I hope after seeing this in 3D, people realize there's nothing wrong with being a princess at 20 (:

Monday, January 16, 2012

It's a tie

I keep finding more and more ways to back up the fact that I'm a living oxymoron. There's the organized mess theory which best describes my OCD/scatter brain. Then there's the debate on whether I'm a child or an old soul- I ultimately realized to stay true to both.
I've even been described as a sunny vampire which that in itself is pretty odd. 
Yesterday was a wonderful ending to the weekend. It was perfectly balanced. 
The natural and the glamourous. 

Natural >  I can't get over Markets. Is it the smell or the colors? It's probably the tastes, actually. Regardless, I left New Leaf feeling like little red riding hood with my paper bags filled of deliciousnesses. 

Glamorous >  After red riding hood gobbled down that mushroomnini (a much funner way to say panini with mushrooms), she made her way to the red carpet. I solemnly swear to attend one of these events in my lifetime. Everyone sparkled at the globes last night.. even if they're just the "Kim Kardashion to Kate Middleton" of award shows. My friends and I, the real golden girls, had delightful desserts, appetizers, wines of all kinds, champagne, and our very own Golden Globe- golden balloons.  

To put an end to this oh so fabulous event, we actually traveled the globe. (Sadly, I mean by hitting the not so glamourous around-the-world-drink-stations at AJ's sports bar... but hey, a girl can dream right?) One would think my preference is obvious: Natural<Glamourous.. but I promise my late-night organic hummus snack really evened out the score. 

Friday, January 13, 2012


Since my schedule isn't quite set yet, I'm soaking in this free Friday as much as possible! I slept in for example. This is a big deal my friends. And now, there's nothing I'd rather be doing than going over my top 5 of the week (: Happy, happy days everyone!

Any excuse to look at old pictures is automatically a top moment. Not only do they make me laugh to tears, but they also remind me how lucky I've been all my life. Here are two of my fav pictures with three of my favorite people

Mail time. Without question social media has made it so much easier to connect and keep in touch. But receiving a package/letter in the mail has this special touch you'd never feel with a tweet....
...But regardless, some things never change. We're always using whatever's available to connect- Whether mail, twitter, and my latest favorite: Instagram. I caught this picture while some protestors were crossing the street. With my driving history, not sure if blocking the road is the safest way to "connect" with me, but it made a pretty cool shot.
P.S. Isn't it funny that we use an APP to make a picture feel vintage? 

This semester I'll be surrounded by this like a fish is with water. But it doesn't bother me in the least!! What really pumps me up thou, is the team I'll be working/playing with.. and the feeling I previewed this week when ideas start swirling 

Music's always around. This week especially it's been my pick me up, my celebration, and pretty much my sanity. This is one little thang I can't stop listening to on my recently added :

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This week so far has been a big exclamation mark
Hearing my alarm ring so early = ! 
Running- after God know's how long = ! 
Pretty Little Liars (or so I've heard) = ! 

"Great show this year"- Kevin Gnappor
At first, I thought my media environment class was going to be a little 

and then I read the first article assigned.
then the next, then heard the lecture, read the book, and the only way to best explain what I've learned in 2 classes is by saying -> !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm not an environmental activist or anything- nor am I ignorant, but it's just not a topic I ever felt close to.  Or at least it wasn't.. 

I'm pretty excited to see what else shocks me in this class (and about myself really) 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Blue skies up ahead

Old habits die hard. My morning habits, however, are no threat and n
eed not be killed. 

I'm starting to get back into the gist of things. I'm also regaining my health! That funk can disappear as well as all the resting and Robitussin. 
Things are pretty sweet so far... And as the serendipity sergeant, It has me feeling hopeful for Spring'12
I'm ready to take it.. Better yet, I'm excited to!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


After 8 hours (well way less than that considering the 2 speeding tickets), I'm back in Tally for Spring '12!! For the first time in a while thou, I wasn't ready to say bye to Miami... Cue the Mojitos.

Thankfully these pretty ladies aren't hard to get used to, so I think I'll hold up just fine (;

P.S. Thanks to my momma for coming up with me to help make the transition. And thumbs down to the jerk cold who also decided to come with -_-