Saturday, December 10, 2011

A lot

I'm currently sitting at Red eye, my favorite coffee spot in T- with an actual Red eye. Being an Advertising major (and recently double majoring in English too! woo!),  exams aren't the best way to determine pretty much anything. In other words, while the world takes advantage of the last weeks before finals, I play in the ad lab for 15 hours straight  (true story ): ). After 2 weeks of business, I've survived (minus the red eye). and am one tiny test away from Christmas break!! Cue Claus:
Anyways, lets play catch up! 

I keep finding little reasons why FSU is absolutely wonderful! It's also been hitting me that most of the things going on are the "second to last time".  Crazy thought (both because I do have time.. but also because not so much)

4sure you all think I'm some sort of tree hugger considering the number of times I post pics of this kinda stuff. I guess I'm just not used to pretty pines..and the colors they've been wearing lately are beyond me! Oh, and don't get me started on what I think about them at nighttime when they're all dressed up. I'm worried my future backyard will look like Santa's Enchanted Forest to be quite honest..  

Summer Salad made up of Christmas colors is a tropical elf's dream<3 Avocado, tomato, feta, with hummus and dollop of sour cream.. strange mix? I dare you to try it and not fall in lurrvee  

One of my assignments was to create a website.. Considering I usually opt for templates, making one from scratch seemed overwhelming- at first. I then turned into an html speaking alien (not really, but I'm happy with what I learned). Here's my little cupcake creation. Don't be quick to judge- there was a rubric I had to follow.. I promise once my grade goes up, I'll go back and add my sweet touch (;

I've always felt nostalgic when thinking about the past - normal reaction, except the little weirdo that I am, I feel the same thing when thinking about things I'm not even old enough to experience for myself. So when anniversaries of serious world changing events come around, I find myself feeling a little glum. This past week it was a double whammie. December 7th was the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I can't even wrap my head around that. And the next day marks the 31 years since John Lennon was shot. Ironic isn't it? The tragedy that caused hundreds of men to enlist to fight for our country in war happens the same week one man who fought for peace was killed. Years later, thou, when I actually was present, I visited Pearl Harbor and met a man who's greatest friend was the pilot of the Japanese fighter jet that bombed his naval ship. One good thing about the time I was born in, is being able to see how it all turns out. So in other words, which ever fight you believe in, whether it's for peace through war or protest, there's people out there who believe in hope- and that's pretty awesome. 

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