Friday, December 23, 2011

Just like the movies

I've been holding out on posting because I'm utterly embarrassed. I still have yet to get my hands on the pictures from the latest festivities! My apologies, for both that and the excuses! Truth is, although I was able to have a very uplifting Me-Date, I'm still not feeling myself! Nothing too serious, I assure you. But besides thinking about this funk, I've also been thinking about 2012.  -not the end of the world thing, this post will NOT be that morbid- but quite the opposite. 
"New Years" is kind of a funny word. New being associated with beginning (although not always the case) and Year, 365 days squeezed into 4 little letters. If you're a commitment phobe this might freak you out- because whatever rap resolutions may have, in my book, they really should be attempts to ______ yourself long term. 
And that's where the problem arises. What do I want to fill in ______? I want something concrete enough to tackle, yet abstract enough to be able to evolve and appropriately apply throughout the year, ya know? I have a couple things in mind, but just like in the movies, the falling action has some surprises in store before it's ready to reach the resolution- the grand finale. 
So whether you've already decided to fill in your blank with "change yourself" "better yourself" or "find yourself", pay attention to the last few details and what may unravel before 2011's ending...

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