Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hanging out with this little nugget holding my hand is probably my #1 happy moment all week! Here's a couple more things that made me smile (: 

Naturally, there has to be something edible on my list. Greenstreet brunch with my soul sisters yesterday set the bar real high. This veg.sand. is hands down in my top3... Can't get over it!

After 4hours with my hair lady.. this drink probably needed something a littler stronger. Nonetheless, the watermelon chunk, pear, and sparkling water mix left me refreshed enough to avoid pull out my freshly done do.  

The 21 club is growing rapidly this week. I don't mind celebrating while I wait for my membership 

 Being that my parents are cooler than me, they get invited to these lavish Holiday parties. The perks for me? Sunflower centerpieces light up my room afterwards.  

Don't bother trying to decide what's more beautiful. Whether it's the natural lighting of the moon shining on the water or the starry-eyed skyline, here's more proof that I live in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world 

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