Saturday, December 31, 2011


New Years has been my favorite day since I can remember being handed a bag of 12 grapes to eat and make wishes on. I love celebrating all the beautiful things of the previous year and dancing away the not so favorite moments. But more on the New Year tomorrow... it's still the eve! 
Meaning today serves as a huge toast to memories! I can't think about one thing that doesn't bring a smile to my face from 2011.  There must have been some tears, but in all honesty, not one comes to mind. I got to travel the world. Enjoy the greatest friends- both old and new. Welcome in new family. Meet some goals I always wished to set. Find new passions and develop existing ones. And through all this discover so much of myself. 

2012 has high and pretty shoes to fill- and I accept the challenge.
 But for tonight, I'll be dancing in the ones from 2011 for one last time  

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