Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Workout Wed?

It's too cold for me to wear this today. 
But that will not stop me from pretending I'm marching down a glitter runway.
 Marching straight to my computer test- which will obviously welcome me with the same open arms Adam Levine would have had I not skipped my Angel debut to study :/

Who am I kidding? Desktop Multimedia will never love me. 

In any case, superheroes, mermaids, antebellum, maroon 5, cartoon glow wings, and glitter-..lots o glitter,  (a few of my favorite things), made for a great show last night. 
Everyone's entitled to their opinion-And clearly made voice of  it via Twitter- 
But I personally had  fun being a couch cherub watching. 

Happy days pretty pies (:

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