Friday, November 4, 2011


I live for these Fridays. Especially after this week. What a strange little week. I can probably count the hours I slept in total with my hands. Which probably creates a credibility problem on whether or not these events even occured.. Regardless Here's the Friday Five!

In between study sesh this week, I would wander around this years Halloween pics (Better said, In between looking at pics I would study ): ) This cheesy one isn't my fav, but it makes me happy that the PanAm thing worked out. Don't be shocked if you knock on my door and I'm wearing my get up..

I love Red Cup. 

<3 I've been feeling so at home with my Tally fam. They're all in the happiest place I have in my heart. Can't explain how relieved I am that Zohan did incredible in her surgery. So much love in the hospital room that day.
Still smiling about it 

I dare you not to love Marshmellowmen

Last night my golden girl hosted her first Rent the Runway Event. SO PROUD OF HER. If you don't know what RTR is then get off my blog. Just kidding.. but seriously open up a new tab, get on twitter, and follow@RTRFloridaState. I do not hold myself responsible for the damage that will be done on your CreditCard though (: 

Happppppppppy Fri 

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