Friday, November 18, 2011


Unexpectedly, this week was filled with jelly. And by that I mean I was jammed with a ton of To-Do's that for the most part, actually sweetened up my days. I love my Friday's of relaxation, but only because I know I've done enough to deserve them.  If you did too, raise your morning mugs and enjoy (:

Five Things 

He keeps me warm. He keeps me up. He's Cuban, Italian, or whatever I want him to be. Full of flavor and brings me back to life. We couldn't get enough of each other this week.
 I love you Joe, I love you. 

I remember when I was younger always skipping through Britney's "E-mail My Heart" track. Well, I'd probably still do the  same since it's just redicuously cheesy, but It's kinda been a theme song for me these past couple days. The words I've gotten back from the people I met in NYC made me fall even more in love with my (future) career. I'm looking forward to the day I get to inspire via e-mail. Or who know's what we'll be using by then...

I'm a total phone-a-phobe. My bilingual brain already has trouble communicating and being understood in person. No need to add static and eliminate phsycial gestures. But nonetheless, if you're persistent enough, I will answer.  
and I'm glad I did (: 

The will power I've had this year to avoid going Elf-ing crazy deserves a round of applause. Fine. I may have made my first ornament last night. Ba hum bug. Warning: 7 days till I'm officially aloud to spread Christmas cheer so loudly for all to hear  

Guess why I smile a lot.. uh, Cause it's worth it :)

happy friday!

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