Monday, November 14, 2011


You know how they say your life can change in an instant? Well that's true. Now, imagine going to the city you've wanted to live in your entire life, visiting agencies you've read about, speaking to professionals who a couple months ago were in your shoes (which I'd now like to thank Gwen Stefani for creating the PERFECT ones for this trip)  and are now living in their dreams. 
Yeah, clearly I was impacted.
 I could rant about every detail here, but besides keeping you all from doing your thing, I won't be following the 2 main insights I learned from the trip. 
Keep it simple. Do it better.
What soaks me the most about all of it is how I can apply it to my career, but also my day to day grind in general. 
I had a surreal time in NYC yet again. I'm sure you'll hear some snippets about it here and there, but for now i'll leave it as it was- one real, real trip. As in, I realized how real this world is and how I'm going to be part of it real soon. 
Can't wait :) 

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