Friday, October 21, 2011


I love looking back on what made me happy through the week.
 It's like a bonus #6 reason to smile :) 

LandisGreen BookSale 
 You know those 1970's campus protest photos?
 I kinda pretend I'm in one every time FSU is filled with activities and crowds

Windows down weather? 
Nothing feels more organic than smiling simply, 
because it's a beautiful day

Whether it was a scam or not..
 I loved the little field trip the girls and I made to
 Urban Outfitters CollegeTour Tent. 
Damage was done.
(I also fell in love with 3 pairs of Tortoise&Blonde eyeglasses..
is it Christmas yet?) 

Perhaps trying on costumes in full make up and
 having a solo photoshoot is a little much.
 (I may or may not have participated in this) 
But sharing screams with friends made me even more excited for Halloday!
Thank goodness the artists who carved these pumpkins are on the ADteam (: 

Big smiles when it comes to pLAY. 
Not only did I get to help out my roomz with her Cakeball masterpiece..
(Stay tuned to her post on Polish&Pistachios)
- -
..But I'm balls to the wall excited for tonight's Bday Celebrations!! 

Happy Friday HoMiEs  

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