Monday, October 10, 2011

Lunes Tunes

Spanish music moves more than just your hips. Every word sung is full of passion.  If you don't understand the words, you can still feel every emotion in the melody.  You can't avoid the romance. You can't avoid comfort. You basically just can't avoid being captivated!
Oh, but I've tried.  
You see, It's been hard to listen to the music that fit as a soundtrack to the most incredible summer I've run out of adjectives to describe.  And It's hard to listen to what I grew up with at home, while I'm  hundreds of miles away from my family, friends, and city you know?
 Yeah... I sound me-lo-dramatic... Sue me. 
I probably need therapy.
 But obviously the only therapy a college student can afford is music therapy. 
Go figure. 
So as hard as I've tried to boycott, I just can't!!  Why? Juanes, sings it best...
"Porque sin ti mi vida yo no soy feliz"
(hehe told you I was being me-lo dramatic today!)

Volverte A Ver -Juanes
P.S. For me, this song is more about a place than a person..What's it mean to you? 

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