Monday, October 17, 2011

Home my Heart

I'm lost! I know I know... you're dying to hear from me...(Let me live in a fantasy, please) Well since on Friday I couldn't tell you what 5 things kept me smiling, I don't want you all to think I wasn't. In fact..I was happier than ever this weekend. I was home :) 

 Check out this nugget. I finally got to meet my cousins from Spain! I was pretty bummed to miss my bebe Alejandro (He left back home the day before I arrived...but my heart is now split up into 3. Ale, Marco, and Migue why aren't boys my age more like you? 
 Speaking of boyfriends, I'm going to go ahead and agree with Carrie Bradshaw on this one.
 "If you can only have one great love, then Miami just may be mine. And I don't want nobody talkin' shit about my boyfriend."
Our skyline may not reach the stars like NYC, but it lifts me up any time I drive by (blurry visioned or not) 

 Even I, the creature who can least keep still (therefore getting my nails done makes me nervous) can't deny a mani/pedi when going home. I am (finally) Woman (again). 

One of my happiest moments this weekend was seeing my Primas (by that I do mean cousins and ballerinas!) After an amazing performance of Giselle (new favorite) we headed over to Sugarcane where I couldn't  drink my Strawberry Balsamic quick enough (i.e. empty glass)

Lastly, the reason I'll be smiling for a while... BOOTS ARE BACK! My Christmas Closet is nice and cozy (literally... extremely snug and I don't think I even grabbed everything). 

Looking back at all this, It's still clear I didn't get enough done... 
Guess a second visit this month is in store (: 

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  1. i am obsessed with your blog. you make my day a little brighter. keep "staying golden"