Saturday, October 8, 2011

Coming to a blank...

A blank canvas is most exciting and intimidating. Anything can happen; leaving room for utter excellence or failure. You don't hang it in closet, it's out for the world to see.  When I bought a shy 8x10 yesterday, I walked out of the store with a stranger. I'm definitely no artist. My attempt class at "Sketch Through The City" this summer was a check off my bucket list, but also a check into reality. I loves me my doodles, but I'm well aware it ain't my forté. Words on the other hand, I can work with. Well, I use them all the time don't I? (Those of you familiar with my vernacular.. don't answer that)  Let's not kid ourselves thou, I'm simple, not eloquent. But when I hear a lyric or  quote, it sometimes validates as a passport  to some pretty exotic places and thoughts.
See the pressure? I want to look at my canvas and scadoo somewhere (case and point)
Regardless, no rush. I'm taking this little project as a sort of scavenger hunt. Be gentle with the random word vom you might find on here from now on. It's my way of testing the waters. Here's what dove into me today...

"Our intentions create our reality"

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