Monday, September 19, 2011

Muzik Monz

I adore Alliterationzz (and the letter Z). Plus or minus when it comes to advertising, but it was definitely A + when I thought about what to post this fine Monday morn. Naturally I had a song in mind..
Alexander. Oh, how i love thee. First off, I did check you out because I have a certain pull towards the name Alexander... but once my cousin and I took a listen, your voice became part of the soundtrack to my indie life movie (which is one of the many film genres I pretend I live in by the way). AnywayzZzZz Here's some Truth to getcha by this week homies.

Bonus: Last nights Emmy award show was by far one of the most entertaining (Sue, I lurve yue). I also semi-enjoyed the Dior 90sec mini movie. I totally enjoyed the track thou!

"But never complete without joy"

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